Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hengelo lo lo, here I come

Yes, you read the title correctly.

I. Am. Going. To. Hengelo.

What ... work? Nooooo *gasp* So not work. A holiday actually.

Now you must be wondering how did a big time cheapskate like me who wouldn't even wanna invest in a proper pair of heels end up committing to do a trip to The Netherlands. Big bonus? Nope. Struck the lottery? No.

I just *shrugs* I just wanted to do something different. My sis is headed there for training so I thought I'd tag along. She's got 2 weeks there away from family - someone's gotta go there and annoy the living hell out of her and it might as well be me *hiaks hiaks hiaks*.

So this holiday thing hangs on a balance, depending very much on the fact that her training dates do not change and that my work doesn't require me to travel anywhere during that period. In all my enthusiasm and with full gusto, I had thick skinnedly applied for the leave of which Ah Boss has so kindly approved *yay Ah Boss, you so nice*. Now I've just gotta make sure that my sister's training dates don't change and that the projects I'm on don't require me to go anywhere during that period.

We've settled very nicely in our new home in Setia Alam. The first time we moved here, the impression was "OMG this is so far *whine whine* when I wanna go yum char with my friends, I have to drive so far *whine whine* must pay so much toll * whine whine*".

Until I drove back to Subang the other day and got stuck in traffic jams at every turn. I'm  not kidding. Every single turn. And then suddenly, Setia Alam didn't look like that bad a place anymore. Sure, it's kinda far from everything else but it's really very self contained. They have everything here. Even a mall. Which I frequent. Every other day. I need to get a life. Once we can sell off our other house, I reckon we'll end up buying a house in Setia Alam, this really is quite a nice place to stay. Not so congested. Not so polluted. Not so populated. For the antisocial enthusiast in me, this place suits me juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

That and the fact that my dog Pickles is starting to be somewhat of a local celebrity. She's got more fans here than I have friends in this lifetime. She's got people walking past in the mornings with babies in prams gawking at her. The dude from the opposite house coming by to pat her. The other dude down the road who stops by with his wife to say hi to her. Omg. My dog's famous! Now let me try to string up a diabolical plan to see if there are financial opportunities to this *hiaks hiaks hiaks*.

Like I said...I have no life :) But I'm not complain', are you? :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fixing...The Nose! *jeng jeng jengggg*

Right, so it has been how long since I've blogged? I can't tell..the cob webs around here were getting in the way of my eyes.

Yup, THAT's how long. My bad. Between switching jobs, moving house, travelling like a maniac for work, I haven't bothered to write much. Not that I didn't have anything to write, mind you. I always have crap to dish out haha - I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to coz I didn't get a chance to sit still enough.

So why am I so free this time round?

I'm on medical leave *grins*. Well, TECHNICALLY on medical leave, in practise I'm still poking my nose into my emails to make sure shit doesn't hit the fan without me knowing about it. 

So why am I on medical leave? Well here's the news - I went and got my nose done.

No, not plastic surgery la *bish*. You think I'm so rich meh? Sinus surgery.

The Background
For years, I've had that runny nose, sore throat thingy that plagued me to death. I ate so much antibiotics for my throat infection, I might as well have looked like a pill myself. My first visit to a specialist many years ago, he peered up my nostrils, down my throat and then went "Must cut." Whaaat?! *gasp* Did he mean surgery? I had this horrifying vision of a chain saw being started up with me being strapped to a plank of wood not being able to move. Talk about watching too much cartoon..syeessh. 

So of course I chickened out lah, did you think lil ol' me with the courage of a macadamia nut would have gone ahead and go "Yes, Doctor, cut me up now!"

Fast forward many years later, heaven knows how many throat infections later, I finally had it with this blasted problem. I kept losing my voice. I couldn't participate in teleconferences at work because....I had no voice. I spent my last Chinese New Year holiday squawking like a half baked bird.

So finally, I went to see another specialist and he recommended surgery. He said the insides of my nose was swollen, that led to trapped dirt, infection blah blab blah. Long story short, must go for surgery to remove it. I think the proper medical term for my condition was 'rhinosinusitis'.

...made me think of a rhinoceros for a second there, with big nostrils..hahaha.


The Big Cut
So yeah, I signed up for surgery, thank goodness the company's insurance picked the bill and off I went to get my nose fixed. For some strange reason, I wasn't that terrified. I think it had something to do with the conversation I had with the doc that went a little something like this:

Me : Must cut ah?
Dr : Yes, if you don't want this to keep happening again.
Me : Pain ah?
Dr : Use laser, not much pain - besides, there will be no scar as it will be done through your nostrils, something we call Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
Me : Ooooh...canggih term..ok deal.

So in I went, and out I came. He was right. I'm not kidding. There was NO PAIN. The cotton thingy they stuffed up my nose to absorb the blood after the surgery wasn't painful - it was just annoying. And the funny plastic tubes they shoved through the nostril to allow me to breathe through the cotton didn't hurt either but it did make me look like a hippo...haha. 

The Recovery
So this is me at the recovery stage. Three times I day, I clean my nose with a netti pot with some strange solution. Oooh look at me, I'm the human fountain. Water comes in one nostril, goes out the other. Hahaha. Who says you can't have a little fun when you're recovering from surgery? Ok, let's not even go to the fact that there are a lot of strange, strange icky stuff that comes out from the nose during the first week. Stuff you never imagined your body can produce. Ieeeks. Yucks. You thought watching 'V' was disgusting, wait till you get your sinuses fixed.

One week of MC at home. I could use the break, I really could. But work wouldn't allow me so I'm feverishly checking emails and attending conference calls from home. Employee of the year wei, are you impressed? :)

Sigh. I can't wait for the weekend to come.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

On 29th June 2012, I had my first (and hopefully last) taste of what paintball was like.

Yeah so I've heard of paintball before. You put little balls into a gun coated with paint and you shoot.

I hadn't wanted to play paintball, so when I heard it was part of the team building activity, I balked. I don't even like watching action movies, let alone BE in the action. Me? Willingly run into a battlefield to get shot? Oh ho ho ho, I don't think soooooooo.

Alas, it is not called team building for nothing. So I thought, okay lah. Go try. Cannot die wan mah.

Throughout the briefing, I guess the apprehension must've shown on my face because the instructor looked at me and went "You look confused." Dude, I don't look confused. I AM confused. I had no idea why I was going to launch myself into a situation where I was going to shoot and be shot at. I'm a peace-loving person! I don't even kill flies that often!

We were divided into two teams and it was quite simple. Each team has their own flag. You shoot the 'ball' down, then grab your flag and return to base. First team to do that wins. Ok, that didn't sound too complex.

Until our team lead Fakhrul turned to four of us and went "Ok you guys defend yah. Shoot anything that moves, don't let them get their flag! On the other side, we will attack and get the flag."

I think I was still in confused mode. When the honk sounded, we didn't really have a plan of WHO to go where and I ended up hiding behind some iron zink thing bumping into Lyndsey and we both looked at each other and went "Hey what are you doing here?"

Then the firing started and as much as I wanted to fire and defend the flag, the opposing team won.*narrows eyes*.

That was not a good start.

I think the spirit of playing paintball finally kicked in coz I kept replaying that image of Calvin retrieving the winning flag and running back to base, thus scoring his team a point. I narrowed my eyes. Ok, first round we were a bit kelam kabut. Second round, we will redeem ourselves.

We decided there and then who was going to be hiding behind where so we don't end up all confused again.

When the honk sounded for the second round to start, I peered over the zink that I was cowardly hiding behind and noticed Calvin attempting to have a go at the flag again. I narrowed my eyes and just fired away like crazy lol. Don't care what I hit but I just kept shooting and I watched with a certain amount of satisfaction as a splotch of paint hits him. Muahahhahahahahah.

And then someone fired at me and in my enthusiasm, I forgot to duck and had a splotch of paint shot at my right eye section of the mask. Basket :P

We didn't win the game but we had damn strong paintball players in the likes of Fakhrul, Damon and Matt. At least the boys knew what they were doing. I was just firing like a rabid monkey in all directions and at anything that moves (or doesn't move...whichever comes into sight first).

Having said that, I don't think I'd be so willing to try paintball again. I'm not that much of a crack shot. Besides, the ones who did get shot had blue black marks on their skin. Yikes. Ok...been there, done that, can strike it off the bucket list and won't need to do it again :P